Activity Description

Davinci's Bridge is an important piece of historic architecture designed by Leonardo Davinci in 1502 but never built. This engaging and hands-on activity will allow learners to create their own working replica of the Da Vinci Bridge with a laser cutter. Through the cross-cutting historical application, learners will reflect on Da Vinci's design and generate their own prototypes to reflect the mechanical requirements of stability, strength, and simplicity. Through the activity, learners will have experienced the science behind the foundations required in bridge engineering.

Activity Information:

  • Grade Level: High School
  • Primary Subject Area*: STEM
  • Mindset: Design Thinking
  • Skillset: Simulation & Modeling
  • Expected Duration: 120 Minutes

*The starter pack activity can be used in more than one subject area.

Hardware Requirements:

  • Laptop/Desktop
  • Laser Cutter
  • Wood for Laser Cutting

*For hardware specifications, please refer to application requirements.

Software Requirements:

  • Inkscape



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Activity Preview

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