Activity Description

Robots are an integral part of many industries and are quickly becoming part of our everyday lives. In this highly engaging and interactive activity, learners will build a Cleaner Bot and participate in a friendly challenge. During the activity, learners will integrate sensors and functions of electronic parts into robotics and plan an algorithm for a robot to follow. Learners will develop a deeper knowledge of robotics and their applications in society at the end of this activity.

Activity Information:

  • Grade Level: High School
  • Primary Subject Area*: STEM
  • Mindset: Design Thinking
  • Skillset: AI & Machine Learning
  • Expected Duration: 120 Minutes

*The starter pack activity can be used in more than one subject area.

Hardware Requirements:

  • Arduino microcontroller with USB cable
  • Laptop/Desktop/Chromebook
  • Wheeled Robot Chassis (Preferably mBot products)

*For hardware specifications, please refer to application requirements.

Software Requirements:

  • Arduino for Windows
  • Codebender for Chromebook
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Activity Preview

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